About Us

We are the unsinkable, we are FLOATBACK. It started from our love of the water and spending long sessions surfing out in the sun. After losing more than a few hats, we started playing around with things that would keep our hats floating even in the biggest surf. That’s how the Floatback was born. Together founders Carl and Adam are on a mission to help people keep from losing their hats, goggles and other things in the water. Plus, wearing a hat while out on the seas is a safe form of sun protection that doesn’t run into your eyes like sunsceen or make surfaces slippery on a boat or SUP. So join us and order a Floatback. You may find other uses for yours. Stash a key in the pocket with a five dollar bill and go for a run or bike ride. Floatbacks are all about visibility and utility and Carl and Adam have more ideas coming soon as long as we keep getting your support. So buy one, wear one, Tweet, Instagram and Facebook about it and join the movement. With your help we will be unsinkable.

Floatback Life Style Hat Flotation Device

Team Floatback


Floatback was born from our passion for the water. It was necessity that mothered this invention. We just wanted to keep the sun out of our eyes and off our faces for those long sessions out on the water. We were also tired of losing our hats to the surf. Once we realized that there was nothing else out there like it, we knew we had something. 

Created from our passion for the water, the Floatback  is an accessory to the water sports lifestyle that we dream of building into a brand that people love.

 With your help, we can keep overcoming the obstacles and be unsinkable!

Thank You,

Adam & Carl